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Here you will find many of our process documents, diagrams and articles on many different topics in the investment and funding industry. These documents are for public consumption, and although Integer Wealth Global retains copyright on all content, feel free to distribute these at your leisure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Integer Wealth Global S.A., Integer Wealth Global Ltd, Integer Wealth Capital SARL, Integer Wealth Capital Ltd, Integer Wealth Professional Services SARL and Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd reserves the right to alter the contents of any of their documents or diagrams without prior notice. Documents and diagrams are often updated to reflect new and relevant information in their document versions and we invite the reader to revisit these downloads periodically.

Integer Wealth Global and its member companies makes no claim to any financial service nor does it disburse any financial advice. Kindly confirm any investment strategy with your registered financial services provider and solicitors.

The content of any Integer Wealth document applies to its own respective corporate process respectively and makes no representation of any process of any of our service providers, partners or associates.


Section 1 - Integer Wealth Global (IWG)

1.1   IWG - Integer Wealth Global Group Biography

1.2   IWG - Governance Structure

1.3   IWG - Business Model

1.4   IWG - Business Ethics

1.5   IWG - GDPR Policy

1.6   IWG - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.7   IWG - Non Compliant Economic Jurisdictions

1.8   IWG - Limited Company vs LLP

1.9   IWG - Corporate Due Diligence Disclosure

1.10 IWG - Corporate Due Diligence Disclosure legal statement


Section 2 - Integer Wealth Professional Services (IWPS)

2.1   IWPS - Equity for Funding

2.2   IWPS - Pitch Deck Structure

2.3   IWPS - Sample Project Gannt Chart

2.4   IWPS - Series Funding - Points and things you should know when raising seed funding

2.5   IWPS - The Business Risk Management Plan & Impact Analysis

2.6   IWPS - The Information Memorandum Investors Actually Want To Read

2.7   IWPS - The Secret to raising money

2.8   IWPS - Portfolio, Prospectus & Due Diligence Process Flow

2.9   IWPS - The Monte Carlo Analysis explained


Section 3 - Integer Wealth Capital (IWC)

3.1   IWC - ETF - A Definition

3.2   IWC - An Overview of Securities

3.3   IWC - Fund Setup Workflow

3.4   IWC - Funding Series Definitions

3.5   IWC - Glossary to Fund Terminology

3.6   IWC - Historical Projects and projects in progress

3.7   IWC - Mainstream or non mainstream corporate finance

3.8   IWC - Risk Statement

3.9   IWC - The difference between Funds and Bonds

3.10 IWC - Fund establishment process

3.11 IWC - Funding Mechanisms explained

3.12 IWC - Types of Asset Classes

3.13 IWC - Types of Investments

3.14 IWC - A Brief on Marketing Funds in the European Union

3.15 IWC - Rules for Marketing of Local Retail Funds (Integer Wealth operational jurisdictions)

3.16 IWC - Stocks and Shares - A Definition

3.17 IWC- SPAC Purpose acquisition companies and how they work

3.18 IWC - Asset classes - An In-Depth Description

3.19 IWC - Defining PP&E (Property, Plant & Equipment)

3.20 IWC - Due Diligence and Investor Questions for Businesses and Projects

3.21 IWC - Credit Ratings Explained

3.22 IWC - Bank, Bond And Performance Guarantees – An Overview

3.23 IWC - Standard & Poors Risk Scorecard - International Jurisdictions

3.24 IWC - ISIN Numbering System Explained

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