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Integer Wealth Global is a British purpose specific financial product and services management company providing oversight, policy, direction and strategic implementation management for its member companies who provide local and international financial services, investments and funding.

The core function of the company is investment into bespoke opportunities in short term real estate, commercial and industrial development, production and innovative technology projects and revenue generating acquisitions.

The objective of the company is the growth of our assets, equity and cash value base for the benefit of the shareholders, investors, executives and staff. The company also employs a generous staff equity program.

Integer Wealth Global has applied its revised strategy since September 2018, to reformat its operation and align its vision cohesively to its development trajectory. This entails the executive management and the board having decided to restructure the company to place each of its member companies under a single umbrella company being Integer Wealth Global as the management company, for the specific intent to create equity and cash value in the company.

From a single company, originally ‘Integer Wealth Limited’ in 2015, the company which originally provided corporate and business funding and investment along with risk management, audit and business services, the company grew in capacity to deliver ever more specialised products and services.

Consequently, the founder, the management and the board decided to separate the functions of the original company which had developed robust separately grouped revenue streams, creating sufficient value to be managed separately under separate legal company entities, and so the oversight and management ‘umbrella’ company ‘Integer Wealth Global’ was born.

Each member company is intrinsically linked to the other through intercompany engagement enjoying the services from each other to collectively grow the holding company’s value, while serving its external clientele and partnerships alike.

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