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Dear Reader 

From hereon you will be redirected to the secure section of our Accelero online platform. Please click the 'Accelero' logo above to proceed to the Accelero platform.

The Accelero platform, which is in essence an operating system, facilitates both project clients and investors alike through the new online system which has the ability to generate an investment fund and other financial instruments within our primary European jurisdictions as indicated on our 'Funds' page.

The platform delivers us at Integer Wealth Global the ability to produce a listed investment fund within 6 to 8 weeks from the time of successful client onboarding. One of the lengthiest processes is the successful onboarding of client and investors alike.


Please see our Accelero introduction video clip below.




By processing the onboarding of clients and investors in separate sections of the platform, project client investment funds once registered on Accelero, the client investment fund connects to our investors seamlessly, those who have the investment appetite for the industry sector investments which our client's investment fund operate in, and secures all service providers within the fund establishment process which are required to successfully establish the client's investment fund or their financial instrument vehicle, within a near-record time, including client compliance within all legal, accounting, auditing and regulatory processes, all from our Accelero platform.

The Accelero platform has been 2 years in the making, and is fully operational since end of August 2023. The platform integrates seamlessly with the Integer Wealth Global cloud driven management system, a set of further multiple back office platforms which connect and integrate seamlessly for the benefit or accounting, audit, regulatory and management reporting, project management, accounting, fund management, investment management and investor reporting with further access by our partners PwC and KPMG, S&P and others.

As we use multiple and often manual in-depth processes to onboard and validate fund clients and investors alike, such processes can take significant time to complete accurately and successfully.


Regulatory Compliance

The Accelero Platform is approved by all the relevant European regulators, our banks and fund managers within the jurisdictions in which Integer Wealth Global operates in, as also the legal frameworks within these jurisdictions. This is of paramount importance to the credibility and acceptance of the Accelero platform within the financial and investment industry.


The Glaring Benefit

To establish an alternative investment fund, it takes approximately 4 to 7 months to register and list on any of the relevant stock exchanges in whichever European jurisdiction relevant to the purpose of the alternative investment fund, which in itself is very quick indeed compared to similar institutions, including the various other investment and financial vehicles and related products and services which we provide which also often take extended and variable amounts of time to complete.

Critical Mass Technology, (CMT) our ‘Information Technology’ division, has been designing and testing the Accelero platform during June 2023.

The success of the Accelero Platform translates into an alternative investment fund (AIF) to be registered and then listed within a mere few weeks, and all processes will  digitally include KYC, KYB and AML processes, and all other AIF establishment processes.

Our investors will be onboarded on the platform in a similar manner, providing investment directly to the client alternative investment fund, once it is fully registered and listed.

The ability for such alternative investment funds to be funded within its first subscription period target would be comfortably within ± 1 to 2 months from listing. Other direct lending is also possible through 'Side Letter' arrangements via the Accelero Platform, should the client require advanced finance or capital prior to their alternative investment fund being completed and ready for investment.


A Brief History

Built in Germany and Luxembourg, the new platform is accessible through our website and its final launch will be a significant event both in Europe and the UK. Developed through a technology partner in Berlin, the platform has become the core operational focus of our scaling plan.

Accelero is fully interactive and already connected and approved by the relevant jurisdictional regulators and is also already integrated into the relevant legal systems within the multiple European jurisdictions in which we operate in.

As the platform electronically establishes all of our future client's investment funds in the preferred European jurisdictions from onboarding through to finalisation and listing, it provides multiple levels of governance access to all contributors, managers, investors as also our larger strategic partners such as KPMG, PwC and S&P, our legal teams, our treasury, fund managers, risk managers and others alike.


The Next Steps

All existing clients will also be added to the Accelero Platform, who will immediately benefit from the platform's exceptional efficiency. Fund management, financial project  management and investor reporting as also real time access by our investors are accessible through an array of dashboards which have a selection of detailed information at multiple levels, all in real time.

We have successfully applied for both a European and UK Trade Mark on our brand logo, as also the name 'Accelero Platform™' for the platform to secure our intellectual property.

This will place Integer Wealth Global in a significant advantage over similar competitors. 


Thank you for your ever valued support. 

Kindly direct any questions you may have to



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