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Dear Reader

As we are continuously growing, both locally in Europe, in the UK and beyond, we have recently (October 2023) moved from our lengthy tenure at our offices from the The Old Bond Store in Southampton, England, to our new home at Farnborough Airport, in Hampshire. Since our first offices at the University of Reading, whereafter we moved the company to Luxembourg, we are now planning our next steps in our expansion.

The new address at Farnborough Airport facilitates for easier international accessibility to the airport from which we fly from and return to on the frequent business trips  that are becoming ever more predominant to our global footprint.

We are now at our final UK based destination at The Hub, Fowler Avenue, Farnborough Airport, GU14 7JF, Hampshire, England.

Our head office remains in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Europe at 12c Impasse Drosbach, L-1882, Luxembourg. The relocation of our head office and primary operations are due to us needing to being within closer proximity to our investment funds, our bank, our staff, local regulators and the relevant stock exchanges and governance partners such as our European based accountants and lawyers, the courts, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and other critically influential contributors to our processes.

Our back office operations also remain in Nicosia in Cyprus, managed by Integer Wealth Global CY Ltd, with operational centre at 12 Kennedy Avenue, Office 203 Kennedy Business Centre, 2nd Floor, Nicosia, 1087, Cyprus.

As we are constantly scaling, more addresses and contact details will be added to our lists below and as we steadily increase our global footprint, additional contact details will be added at an ongoing pace.

Our next international office is currently being setup in New York, in the United States. This detail will be added soon to this page too.

If you have any further questions on our products, services, structures or employment opportunities, please feel free to contact us on the relevant email address, phone number or visit us at our offices as per the details below.

Should you wish to visit any of our offices in person, kindly note our Covid 19 procedures and safety measures where these requirements still exit first, kindly inform us prior to your arrival so that we can arrange suitable parking at our premises and prepare for your valued visit. Please email us at

We look forward to hosting you, and kindest regards.


the 'Integer Wealth Global' team

Email Address Contacts

Departmental E-Mail:

Receptions & General Information at:
Accounts - All Member Companies at: at:
Compliance at: at:
Human Resources at:
Investing & Investor Relations at:
Legal at:
Treasury at:
Projects & Proposal Submissions at:

Find Us

Europe (Head Office)

12c Impasse Drosbach
Luxembourg City
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

United Kingdom (Representative Office)

The Hub
Fowler Avenue
Farnborough Airport
GU14 7JF
United Kingdom

Cyprus (Operational Office)

Office 203, 2nd Floor
Kennedy Business Centre
12-14 Kennedy Avenue

Contact Details

Luxembourg, Europe (Global Contact)
+352 20 88 07 46

Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22 030381

Southampton, UK
+44 (0) 118 327 4649

London, UK
+44 (0) 203 556 9393

Basingstoke, UK
+44 (0) 125 654 1040

Wilmington, Delaware, US
+1 302 298 1336

Mobile (Global)
+44 (0) 7877 864441

Kindly note that the numbers above are not individual manned telephones but rather virtual numbers which redirect to a single number at reception. The purpose of these numbers is so that local callers from these various countries can call at their local rates and not international rates.