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Ownership and Shareholding

Integer Wealth Global S.A. (Luxembourg) member companies are wholly owned by Integer Wealth Global S.A. which owns 100% shares in the member companies:

  • Integer Wealth Global CY Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd (UK)
  • Integer Wealth Global Ltd (Isle of Man)
  • Integer Prime Realty Developments Ltd (UK)
  • Critical Mass Technologies ​Ltd (UK)
  • ScalingFunds GmbH (Germany) (in current dissolvement)
  • Kamagelo Ltd t/a DeltaFin Global (Cyprus)
  • Accelero Tech Ltd (UK)

The 'Bandemer Asset Trust' (Registration X017808-56) based on the Isle of Man, is the majority shareholder of Integer Wealth Global S.A. Luxembourg.

The family is an remarkably old, Julian calendar period origin, with the first recorded historical entry stemming from a place called ‘Bandemer’s Dorf’ or ‘Bandemer’s Village’, dating from 1295 in the eastern Germanium territories and were primarily armament suppliers to neighbouring kingdoms and mercenaries.

The 'Bandemer Clan' are found all over the world, from Australia to the United States, Canada, eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, Poland and of course its origin, Germany.

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