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We proudly have an active ‘Corporate Social Investment’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ component program. The ability to develop our company comes with the equal responsibility to developing our environment and the public sectors in which we are active in. Our programs which support sustainable growth projects especially within the food and nutrition sectors, are applicable to all social sectors with a strong emphasis on the disadvantaged and ‘needier’ members of our societies.

Although we apply our own funds, we also negotiate a 0.5% of our clients profits to allocate to our social projects which are managed by both an internal CSI officer and external consultants alike.

Education is the second and equally important component of our CSI (Corporate Social Investment) program and we seek out to contribute critical in early stage development of especially children.

Having had successful implementation of our ‘World Wide Literacy’ projects throughout Southern Africa, we intend to bring this exciting program to many other countries in which we participate too.


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