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Investment Opportunities

Integer Wealth Global CY Ltd has embarked on several new investment strategies now including investors exclusively on invite.

If you wish to become an 'Investment Member', please email us at and arrange for an introductory chat with our onboarding team, who will provide you with a new 'Investment Member Account' and issue you the credentials to access our attractive array of short, medium and long term investment opportunities with yields of up to 27% returns.*

* Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future results. For this and other disclaimers, please visit our legal page at Legal | Integer Wealth Global.

Please note that all investment are Europe based initiatives. 


To access our investment opportunities, please click the adjacent 'Invest Here' button:      Invest Here 


This section's 'Investment Opportunities' content is updated regularly. We are constantly increasing the yield value returns to our investors which are published within the 'Micro Short Term' and 'Medium to Macro Term ' opportunities pages.

Kindly request the access credentials from one of our Account Managers, at to login to the site by clicking the 'Invest' button above.



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For any further information on our products, services, structures or employment opportunities, please feel free to contact us.