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Welcome to Integer Wealth Global

Integer Wealth Global is a European financial advisory, product, facilities and services management company, providing investment risk management, oversight, policy management, back office support, direction and strategic implementation for our clients and member companies within the investment and project funding sectors.

Our member companies and partners provide both regulated and non regulated advisory services to investors on bespoke alternative investment opportunities in multi industry sector projects globally, through the convergent professional services from our member companies, collaborative partners and strategic service providers.

We create alternative investment funds, bespoke investment vehicles and bespoke wealth creating opportunities in European jurisdictions, into which we promote investments and funding for credible projects globally, based on robust risk management principles.

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"In three words, we are first and foremost ‘forensic risk analysts’. Everything else that we do is built on top of that. It is our core foundation and the lens through which we view, design, develop and deliver all of our products and services. Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives. Risk management is managing the effect of that uncertainty on objectives, and in business, the probability of success must always be greater than the risk incurred.” 

Marc Bandemer - Group Chairman and Founder



In proud strategic partnerships with

Standard and Poors - Market Intelligence



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Industry Sectors for Investment and Services

There are no limitations to industry sectors, however the most common industries to Integer Wealth Global are:

Information technology

Technology development


Property & Real Estate Development

Manufacturing & Heavy Industry


Renewable energy





Sport & Leisure

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