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Integer Wealth Global is a British purpose specific financial product and services management company providing governance oversight, policy management, direction and strategic implementation execution for member companies providing local and international services and investments opportunities through convergent professional financial and risk management services into credible projects.

Our logo proudly represents the convergence of our professional services delivering mitigated risk investment opportunities

Core Function

The core function of the company is the investment into bespoke opportunities in short term real estate, commercial and industrial development, production and innovative technology projects and revenue generating acquisitions.

The objective of the company is the growth of our asset, equity and cash value base for the benefit of the shareholders, investors, executives and staff. The company also employs a generous staff equity program.

Integer Wealth Global has applied its revised strategy since September 2018, to reformat its operation and align its vision cohesively to its development trajectory. This entails the executive management and the board having decided to restructure the company to place each of its member companies under a single umbrella company being Integer Wealth Global, for the specific intent to create equity and cash value in the company.

From a single company, originally ‘Integer Wealth Limited’, the company which originally provided corporate and business funding and investment along with risk management, audit and business services, the company grew in capacity to deliver ever more specialised products and services.

Consequently, the management and board decided to separate the functions of the original company which had developed robust separately grouped revenue streams, creating sufficient value to be managed separately under separate legal company entities, and so the oversight and management ‘umbrella’ company ‘Integer Wealth Global’ was born.

Each member company is intrinsically linked to the other through inter company engagement enjoying the services from each other to collectively grow the holding company’s value.

Member Companies

Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd logo

Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd

Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd (previously the original Integer Wealth Limited), providing independent professional management services, business, financial and project due diligence, project audit and financial project management services.

iWealth Finance Ltd logo iWealth Finance Ltd

iWealth Finance Ltd, managing investments and related funding into credible short-term projects in multiple industry sectors across local and global non-conflict and fair-trade jurisdictions, and building the Integer Wealth Global equity profile of fixed class and equity assets for its investors.

Integer Prime Realty Developments Ltd logo Integer Prime Realty Developments Ltd

Integer Prime Realty Developments Ltd, engaging with credible realty development projects and a core wealth creation entity within the Integer Wealth Global group adding to the capacity of closely managing investments from iWealth Finance Ltd and supporting and promoting the governance of Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd.

Integer Prime Realty Developments is also proud to announce our recent partnership with a prestigious London based developer for this exciting initiative.

iWealth Bank logo

iWealth Transaction Technologies Ltd

iWealth Transaction Technologies Ltd, a future 2020-year online challenger bank initiative with a new and innovative product range in credit facilities and credit card accounts, business accounts with dedicated business banking cards and a personal transactional accounts individuals, with debit card functionality through our strategic partners and MasterCard structured products. Trials are in planning stage and the technology will be readied for testing through late 2019 and early to mid 2020.

The bank will be listed on the London Stock Exchange in March 2021 with BETA trials currently underway and the technology being refined and aggressively tested throughout the first 3 quarters of 2019.


To provide management oversight and governance of our member companies within the Integer Wealth Global group of companies. Through collaborative management and steering, Integer Wealth Global seeks to establish and grow its revenue, cash reserves and equity value through the promotion and stake holding of revenue generation of its member companies by their operation within their core competencies to obtain a robust value for Integer Wealth Global justifying sufficient value for a stock exchange listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2021 to 2022.


To support and manage the Integer Wealth Global member companies and establishing ever increasing value in the group for our stakeholders, shareholders, management, staff and primarily our clients, by supporting and promoting both existing and the creation of new user-friendly policies and procedures, and constantly refining existing products and services and embracing and employing technological and disruptive thinking methodologies.


We are looking forward to these exciting developments throughout 2019 and beyond. If you would like to be part of this dynamic growth, as a client, service provider, investor or partner, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Wee would be glad to hear from you.

For any further information on our products, services, structures or employment opportunities, kindly contact us at

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As technology’s ever-growing ability for decentralised management and facilitating corporate interaction, the need for personal engagement will always remain an important part of building trust and trusted relationships. We are no different, and although many of our consultants are employed around the globe, we do need a home to call our own.

Integer Wealth Global will therefore be moving into our new home in Basingstoke, Hampshire shortly in June 2019, details of which will be released once we are settled.

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