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Investment Disclaimer

Important Risks and Commitments statement

YOUR CAPITAL IS AT RISK. Investors and lenders should be aware that there are risks to all forms of investing and corporate lending, including bonds, loan notes and debentures, and you may be unable to recover your loan or investment should something go wrong.

Potential investors and lenders should always read all the available ‘Financial Promotions’ on any lending or equity investment opportunity in their entirety, with particular attention to the ‘Risk Factor’ sections, before deciding to lend or invest. These investments are NOT covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and you may not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

If you are in any doubt about the action you should take or the contents of any of the Financial Promotion received, you should contact your stockbroker, solicitor, accountant, bank manager or other professional adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, who specialises in advising on bonds, shares and other securities, including unlisted securities or investment. (This comment applies to all jurisdictions and is intended to cover all aspects of all risks in all European and British justifications alike)

Investing in start-up and growth companies involves a high degree of risk. You could lose some or all the money you invest, and you must be prepared to accept that risk.

It is significantly more likely that you could lose your invested capital in any one company than make a profit from it. These investments can be subject to sudden and large falls in value dependent upon the performance of the underlying company. The risk/reward ratio of investing in very small companies and start-ups is increased as the risk of failure is higher. Do not invest unless you have judiciously thought about whether you can afford to lose the money lent or invested, and whether it is right for you. A more diversified portfolio can, to some extent mitigate the risk of losing some or all your money.


Integer Wealth Global - Corporate Due Diligence Disclosures

Corporate Due Diligence on Integer Wealth Global (IWG) is at the discretion of IWG itself. The information on and of IWG and its member companies is purely voluntary and information is disclosed at the discretion of IWG.

Sensitive corporate information is granted access to enquirers in good faith and is not for redistribution or public consumption by or through the enquiring company or its persons requesting access to it.

All information is to be requested via email, with the specific subject heading ‘Due Diligence Disclosure Request’, and submitted to

All request will require a valid and certified email and telephonic contact address within the body of such an email request, which will be validated by the IWG Compliance and Legal Team prior to the submission of any further IWG information.

All or any requested information must be motivated by email within the body of the email message and clearly described as to the purpose of the ‘Due Diligence Information Request', to which IWG reserves the rights to grant access or deny such request to information.

In response, and should the request to access be approved by IWG, a link to our Due Diligence login page will then be sent together with a login name and password. The viewer will then be able to access specific and limited or unlimited information related directly to the purpose of the request.

Anyone accessing IWG information agrees irrevocably to the ‘Non-Disclosure’ terms and conditions of access to the content of the information accessed on the IWG ‘Due Diligence’ web page.

By accessing the information on this page, the viewer undertakes to refrain from third party disclosure unless written permission from the legal department at IWG is explicitly granted in written email and is only valid for 3 days (72 hours) from the date and time of such access to such IWG information.

IWG adheres to the industry standard of 'Corporate Due Diligence Disclosure' format, legally required. Please find our 'Due Diligence Disclosure' document expanding on our disclosure procedure here.


Data Disclosure Statement

Please note, that the alternative investment fund which are created for and on behalf of our clients are not public investment funds. The limited information on this page is by permission of our clients, and not all of our clients approve of their investment funds or their information displayed, and the few which are displayed on this page, are limited in their information.

Integer Wealth Global operates under strict non-disclosure agreements, GDPR Policies and privacy agreements and strictly adheres to the rules therein, and investment fund information is therefore not available for public consumption or comparison to any other investment funds.

As an investor, should you wish to know more about our range of investment opportunities, kindly email us at and visit our ‘Applications’ page on the link on the above right of the website menu. An investment advisor will be in touch shortly after receiving your enquiry.

Should you be a corporate client wishing to obtain more information on our alternative investment fund creation processes, kindly email us at and visit our ‘Applications’ page too, and a consultant will be allocated to your enquiry who will contact you as soon as possible.


Email Disclaimer

This message is intended only for the person or organisation to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and misuse of its content can lead to prosecution.


Electronic Video, Voice and Meeting Recording

Please note that all electronic meetings are recorded by Integer Wealth Global S.A. (IWG) for quality and training purposes. Such meetings will be recorded primarily in audio format, and from time to time also in video format. The recording is for the participants mutual review and the recordings form the minutes of meetings. All recording are available to all participants, free of charge or limitations. All rights to imagery and sound are waivered by the participants. The applicable GDPR rules and regulations apply as per our GDPR policies available at website link Distribution to the attendees are by IWG discretion, however any further distribution to or by third party non-attendees or any recording duplication is prohibited without electronic written permission from the recording host and/or recorder.


Document Download Disclaimer

Integer Wealth Global S.A., Integer Wealth Global CY Ltd, and Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd reserves the right to alter the contents of any of its documents or diagrams without prior notice. Documents and diagrams are often updated to reflect new and relevant information in their document versions and we invite the reader to revisit these downloads periodically.

Integer Wealth Global S.A. and its member companies makes no claim to any financial service nor does it disburse any financial advice. Kindly confirm any investment strategy with your registered financial services provider and solicitors.

The content of any Integer Wealth Global document applies to its own respective corporate process respectively and makes no representation of any process of any of our service providers, partners or associates.


Definition of 'Credible Project'*, 'Feasibility'** and 'Viability'***
  • * A credible project is a commercial development opportunity which under deep due diligence scrutiny, passes financial and business model stress tests, yet remains robust in its ability to perform positively and yield predetermined minimum returns on investments and/or debt finance.
  • ** Feasibility is the possibility and ability for something to be done profitably.
  • *** Viability is that something's ability to survive or endure.


Position and Policy on Economic Dealings with Russia

Integer Wealth Global S.A., its subsidiaries and member companies agree to the 'Human Rights and Economic' policy on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and make this policy available in our public domain.

Kindly find the policy document here.


Position and Policy on Economic Dealings with 'Non Compliant Economic Jurisdictions'

In compliance with international sanctions, World Economic Forum' policies, European Union Trade and Co-Operation policies and UK Trade and Embargo policies, Integer Wealth Global S.A. and its member companies, together with its investor and corporate investment fund clients are subject to and remain compliant with the exclusion of select economic jurisdictions as illustrated in the 'IWG - Non Compliant Economic Jurisdictions 20220401' document, available here.


Investor and Comparative Client Disclosure

Kindly note that Integer Wealth Global S.A. or its member companies never showcase, disclose, direct to nor in any way illustrate any information of our investors of any kind, and are governed by the ICO ( which governs the GDPR rules in the United Kingdom for companies and businesses, as also both Integer Wealth Global and European privacy policies. 

The ICO is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Integer Wealth Global S.A. and its member companies does not ever either use or disclose our clients information or any details of their investment fund, projects or operational detail as reference for or to other prospects, potential clients, clients or any other third party enquirers of any sort. We are and remain bound by our 'Privacy Policies' and 'Non Disclosure' and 'Non Circumvention' agreements as also our ethical conduct within our confidentiality agreements with our investment funds, clients and investors alike.

We are further bound by our GDPR policy and no information of any client of any kind will ever be shared by any Integer Wealth Global S.A. group employee, or member company.


Service Provider Disclosure

Under the same GDPR disclosure policy as mentioned in the 'Investor and Comparative Client Disclosure' above, Integer Wealth Global S.A. (IWG) and its member companies do not disclose our service providers to clients. These relations with our valued service providers are restricted to Integer Wealth Global S.A and member companies, staff and partners, and have been cultivated over several decades during the formation of the present company structure.

Service providers do 'not deal with clients directly' due to engagement protocols rapidly becoming ever increasingly complicated when clients approach IWG service providers directly, primarily to request status updates, or to exert pressure on the service provider for 'Out of Scope' performance.

As there are several steps in which several different service providers engage and communicate with each other and IWG alike, the flow of communication protocol is expected to be protected and defined according to IWG and 'Service Provider' mutually prescribed policies and procedures. These do not include the client, and no disclosure of any service provider directly to a client will be entertained.


Non-Compliant Economic Jurisdictions

Integer Wealth Global and its member companies do not engage with economically, nor support economic development, investment or conduct business in or with jurisdictions which are deemed 'Conflict Zones', are in conflict or have poor 'International Human Rights' track records or are 'Politically Unstable'.

Such jurisdictions are reviewed, re-rated and assessed annually, using several measurable factors through multiple ratings agencies, and via international 'Human Rights Charter' and economic 'Free and Fair Trade' policies of the Western trading blocs.

The list is not exhaustive, nor are the conditions illustrated and are reviewed and updated on a biannual basis. The lists of 'Non Compliant' jurisdictions can be accessed here.


Time Frame Disclaimer

It takes time to establish, register and list an alternative investment fund (AIF) on a stock exchange, and there are multiple external timeframes which influence and apply to the creation of an AIF and any other financial vehicle, which are often outside of IWG control, as these processes cannot be influenced by IWG or our team.

Legal tasks and court proceedings, regulator applications, stock exchange applications for listings, licencing, KYC and KYB, AML and other related processes, project evaluation and investment strategies, investment prospectus, supplementary offering documents, forming and registering SPV's (Special Purpose Vehicles), bank accounts, onboarding processes etc, all of which need to be developed, compiled and then approved together with the client and all other participants at various authorities and regulatory body levels, are all components of the processes which form part of the creation of an alternative investment fund.

These processes take variable amounts of time. It is never good practice for clients to create a specific timeline or commit to any external client or stakeholder, any deadline external of the IWG process and then require IWG to comply or achieve objectives within it.

Therefore consider that the time it takes to finalise an alternative investment fund takes approximately 4 to 7 months to final listing, and therefore not to have unrealistic expectations of the speed of creating an AIF, nor any investment availability thereafter, to match any potential external urgency, as neither IWG nor any regulatory body or jurisdictional authority, service provider, nor investors are prone to any external hasty, desperate or urgent timeframes imposed on the process of establishing an AIF, and the listing time does not include the subscription (investment process) phase and the timeframe referred to above only reflects the client AIF creation and final listing.

To reach drawdown level subscription within an AIF, it is required to reach the first stage of the predetermined investment fund subscription strategy, and may take a separate timeframe which is almost always dependent on the client readiness status. The subscription process begins early in the AIF's establishment stage and is not dependent on whether the AIF is already listed, but rather that it is already registered. The credibility of the projects with the AIF do, as these are what gives the client's AIF investment credibility.

Each AIF which we create is bespoke and some are completed sooner than others and no two investment funds are alike and so cannot be compared in any manner or at any level. Please do not engage or begin this process in haste or with deadlines in mind which we are expected to be adhered to.

We cannot comply with client’s external deadlines, however we do commit to the fastest expedient timeframe possible, as the creation of our client’s investment funds are certainly in all stakeholders economic interests.


Performance Disclaimer

Past performance of any investment is not always a reliable guide to future performance of the same.



Position and Policy on Unacceptable Client Activities

Policy on KYC and AML qualifying clients acceptance of prospective client restrictive industries and including prospective and existing clients can be accessed here.


Position and Policy on Privacy and GDPR Policy

Our privacy policy can be found here.

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