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A start-up FinTech company (2019) based in the United Kingdom, developing bespoke investment platforms for the connecting of investors with credible commercial projects in throughout Europe, the UK and beyond, offering several additional industry sector opportunity connections for investments, and creating a bespoke SaaS, PaaS and IaaS service to third party clients, including transactional investment and commercial project listing facilities for such third party client alike on our new platforms.

Connecting our platforms together to migrate to new Integer Wealth Global digital challenger bank initiatives, with a new and innovative range of products in online web and app investment functionality with physical and virtual card products through our strategic partners MasterCard in the European markets, with structured products. This project is developed exclusively for Integer Wealth Global S.A. (Luxembourg) in Europe.

Key Scope

  • The project will have three purpose specific phases.
  • Phase one developing a platform connecting investors seamlessly to eligible property development projects.
  • The platform will have separate front-end login functions where once registered, both investor and project clients are automatically matched through a series of built in due diligence functions, resulting in highly accurate algorithmic calculation of investment returns against project risks, with an array of real time online reporting, delivering the due diligence process, risk management and all project related vetting processes digitally, with the ‘Investor’ section delivering the AML and KYC processes seamlessly and reducing the time frames for these comprehensive processes from weeks and often months, to mere hours or even minutes.
  • Phase 2 is the addition of multiple industry sectors to phase 1, and phase 3 is the creation of a digital online bank functioning on a dedicated web and app platform on the back of an existing high street host bank. Critical Mass Technologies (CMT) will develop the banking platform and then migrate the primary operational platform from the host bank to its own stand-alone platform once all licences have been approved.
  • The platform will be a mobile app and web driven combined integration and will be developed to ultimately result into a full service banking function within 3 years of launch or sooner, as the intention of the project is to provide a banking environment for Integer Wealth Finance Ltd (IWF) to deposit its investments into, and manage such investment accordingly in the investors favour, for closer and more accurate management of deposits than current manual systems.

Key benefits

  • Seamless connection between investors and projects
  • Secure automated online transaction services i.e. deposits, tranche payment drawdowns
  • Reduction of time for due diligence on projects from weeks and months to hours and minutes
  • Massive reduction in cost of operation
  • Total replacement of outdated process producing great efficiency and accuracy
  • Simplified project, financial disbursement and drawdown management
  • Incomparable speed, efficiency and accuracy over current internal manual systems
  • Connects proposed future bank account with online investment opportunities offering direct investment deposits from bank account to project
  • Creates a crowd funding environment
  • Leads to a natural progression to digital challenger bank initiative with various card products and related services

Critical Mass Technologies (CMT)

  • Reg 11837434
  • Web:
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  • UK +44 (0) 118 467 4141
  • Mobile: +44 7877 864441

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