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Driftwood Safari Investment Fund


DRIFTWOOD SAFARI INVESTMENT FUND - Open Ended Public Listed Fund                                                                       

We are proud to announce our successful registration and stock exchange listing of the ‘Driftwood Safari Investment Fund’, on the Maltese Bourse (stock exchange) on 12 March 2021.

The fund is a ‘Leisure Property’ asset class alternative investment fund. The client is Driftwood Holdings. (Home - Driftwood Holdings

The ‘Driftwood Safari Investment Fund’ is a highly lucrative investment opportunity into 5, 6 and 7 star safari lodges on two phases, developed by the highly rated and award winning leisure development company ‘Driftwood Holdings’ in the UAE, operating globally and in partnership with a prestigious international brand of leisure and hotel excellence.

Driftwood Holdings, together with a highly visible and exclusive international brand, is developing 26 prime safari lodges in 20 countries across the African continent and Indian Ocean islands in non-conflict, stable economic jurisdictions.

Confirmation of the new listing is at with ISIN listing number MT7000029625.

The fund aims to raise €186 million and has an investment term of 3, 5 and 7 years. It is an open-ended fund with additional projects planned for 2025 and beyond. The Driftwood Fund is regulated under the Maltese MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). 

Integer Wealth Professional Services Ltd applies its ‘deep level’ due diligence on each safari lodge project. Robust scrutiny and quality reporting is performed by ‘Integer Wealth Professional Services’, our sister company and an Integer Wealth Global member.

Further fund details are:

  • This fund is non terminal (has no expiry) and is intended currently listed on the Malta Stock Exchange since 12 March 2021.
  • This fund is open ended (has no ceiling for investment)
  • This fund can invest into any credible project within its asset class up to €186 Million
  • First disbursement target is €25 million
  • Entry subscription begins at €100,000.
  • The 'Driftwood' fund return an average of between 18% and 24% per annum on investment.

Available supporting documents are available for subscription on request.

Once any document is completed kindly email all completed documents to and we will gladly process your investment into the fund. You will receive your confirmation and a call from the asset management company account manager thereafter who will conclude your investment process with you telephonically.


All other funds besides these are funds which we design and establish for our clients who have multiple credible projects. We remain in control of the investment fund disbursement, subscriptions and redemptions alike, without any cash flowing through us, and that the monitoring and reporting to the fund remains at a level of excellence at all times.

The funds are purpose specific and for the same purpose in such that the client has multiple similar industry sector credible projects. A credible project is a commercial development opportunity which under deep due diligence scrutiny, passes financial and business model stress tests, yet remains robust in its ability to perform positively and yield predetermined minimum returns on investments and/or debt finance.

We are designing and planning for a new fund dealing only in ETF’s and corporate bonds which will be launched in early 2022 too, but more on that later in the year.

When investing your capital can be at risk. Please see our disclaimer on our 'Legalities' page here.


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