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Our Investment Funds

We proudly and collaboratively establish and list investment and alternative investment funds on preferential stock exchanges which cater for the investment of USD, GBP and the Euro, for the bespoke purpose of clients who require repetitive and ongoing investments into multiple projects over varied time frames or who require multiple level funding.

Integer Wealth Finance also launched two own branded investment funds in January 2021 on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) and on the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE), from our European office in Luxembourg.

Both funds will be listed between September and November 2021 and more details of both funds will follow shortly on this page. Two more fund are planned for listing within the fourth quarter in 2021.

New 'Corporate Bond' instruments are also planned for late 2021 and early 2022. More details on this will also follow shortly on this page.

We remain proud to manage our lucrative private equity funds which are dedicated to specific industry sectors with specific risk structures governing and protecting each one. Our private equity funds are purpose specific in their risk appetite.

We are also proud to announce that we are now also listing alternative investment funds in Germany, on the Frankfurt Börse (Stock Exchange)

Integer Wealth Global and Integer Wealth Capital are now operational on the following stock exchanges:

More preferred stock exchanges will be added progressively and listed on this page.



All other funds besides these are funds which we design and establish for our clients who have multiple credible projects. We remain in control of the investment fund disbursement, subscriptions and redemptions alike, as this forms part of the risk management for which Integer Wealth Global is renowned, without any cash flowing through us, and that the monitoring and reporting to the fund remains at a level of excellence at all times.

The funds are purpose specific and for the same purpose in such that the client has multiple similar industry sector credible projects. A credible project is a commercial development opportunity which under deep due diligence scrutiny, passes financial and business model stress tests, yet remains robust in its ability to perform positively and yield predetermined minimum returns on investments and/or debt finance.

We are designing and planning for a new fund dealing only in ETF’s and corporate bonds which will be launched in early 2022 too, but more on that later in the year.

When investing your capital can be at risk. Please see our disclaimer on our 'Legalities' page here.


Tellus Fund

Agriculture, construction, real estate development.

Nummus Fund

Venture capital, commodities, bonds, shares, derivatives, money markets, import and export, arts.

Innovo Fund

– Information technology, software, renewable energy, aviation, leisure, sport, services industries.

Ferrum Fund

Mining, chemicals, gas, oil, shipping, manufacturing, FMCG.


A development fund dedicated to European and non-conflict investment markets.

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